Additional Technologies

  • Assembly and completion

We offer the assembly of welded parts and groups of parts, including riveting. We use assembly lines and specialized workplaces to complete the assembly of parts, according to the design of the realized project, including lines for gluing car carpets.

  •  Bending of wires and pipes

We offer precise spatial bending of shaped wires up to Ø 10 mm on modern bending machines. Precise machine bending of pipes up to Ø 63 mm and pipe frames for welded assemblies

  • Piping

Perimeter edging of panel car parts on special edging stations by bending or rotary rolling using exchangeable robot attachments. 

  • Sealing

Precise application of sealing, anti-vibration and adhesive sealants by manual application or applications in a robotic workplace. Subsequent curing of the sealants in a continuous hot air chamber to obtain the required properties.